Friday, May 6, 2011

Can white roofs save the world?

Probably not, but check out the cool info (pun intended) at White Roof Alliance.  The simple explanation is this:  much of the worlds industrial (and personal) roofing is black as are our roadways.  Black surfaces trap heat, warm up, and create heat islands.  And it's not only black roofs!  So the idea is to change the color of our rooftops and road surfaces and thereby cool things down.  Of course they explain it much better than I do, along with the science, but it makes a lot of sense me thinks.

According to the site permanently changing the worlds rooftops would have the same effect as cutting out a full year of man made CO2 (in decreased cooling and heating costs).  Cool.

Check it out.



Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Helping make the global warming argument

Time and again I find myself getting asked about Global Warming or, as it should more accurately be called, Global Climate Change.  It's a tough one because it's so political and so large, but when you look at the science (oh dear, did I say science) it's actually quite simple.  I generally try to convince people why they need to change using logic as it seems to cut through all of the left/right stuff that this topic brings up.

Having said all of that though, check out Skeptical Science, a very cool site that has a list of the generally raised "beliefs" about climate change and the science that refutes these claims.  They even have a free iphone app that has the same info, so you can argue on the go!  How cool (pun intended).



Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fantastic Speech By Bill Mckibben