Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Week 5 Pictures

I defininitely need to do a little organization but things seem to be holding fine. At the absolute lower left corner you may be able to see a little silver box. I bought a used paper shredder on craigslist for $10 so the worm shredding will be much easier as I was doing it by hand (not sure why that didn't occur to me sooner). Everything is still smelling fine, basement musty but nothing bad. I tend to sniff down there a bit cuz i figure that'll be the first heads up I have a problem (well other than saving my garbage anyway).

A few more bottles added but nothing serious. The main additions I noticed I was making were the kids juice bottles, which I tend to drink from as well when they are out of the fridge. I realized that when we were kids we made juice from frozen concentrate so from now on, that's the way we'll be going which should cut down on the bulk considerably.

The bags (bag, cardboard and paper) don't seem to be growing tremendously. That said, I have a backlog of paper (mostly mail stuff) up in my office which should head down there soon. This darn ear thing has just pushed everything back as I can't work for long periods of time.

Not too much new in the recycle box. I think I added a few things. But then again, with being sick and all this was a slow week.

The garbage is still pretty low which I'm happy about. Other than the dog food bag, this was probably a bigger week than most due to the medical waste. It's amazing how much packaging goes with most of these drugs. I guess health aspects can't be argued much but it does make you wonder.

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