Sunday, March 9, 2008

Day 67 - Saturday 3/8/08

Todays Haul:

  • 1 massive plastic dog food bag - garbage (although i'll need to check on this)
  • 1 ice cream container and top - garbage
  • 1 plastic mayonaise jar - recycle


Tia said...

Not sure if you are trying to reuse as well...but I reuse those plastic ice cream containers, some have my sons' hot wheels in them. One has my daughters small dolls and one is in my kitchen where I use it to store rags (cut up old towels etc...).

Just a thought. :)

Dave said...

Hey Tia,
Thanks for the note. We actually use those as well for hardware and stuff. I didn't re-purpose the one above because it was pretty beat up.

Great idea though.