Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day 76 - Monday 3/17/08

Today's Haul:

  • 1 cardboard/paper plate - recycle
  • 1 plastic plate - recycle
  • 2 tea packets - garbage
  • 1 set of sides - worms
  • 1 staple from sides - garbage
  • 2 particle masks - garbage
  • 1 hot cocoa packet - garbage
  • 2 studio passes - worms


Anonymous said...

I can see that you're a big tea drinker. How come you don't buy loose tea and use an infuser? Are you already doing this? Have you already or could you explain the tea waste issue?

Dave said...

Hey anonymous, thanks for the query. I'm actually not that much of a tea drinker usually, just been sick a lot lately and in need. As for the past few posts, I was working nights and after a while, coffee gets old. I need to remember to bring our teas though which are all paper (no staples) and are completely worm friendly.
Having said all that, getting a tea infuser has been on my looooong llist of things to check into so thanks for the reminder. Any tips?