Thursday, April 17, 2008

Awesome (and funny) UK Re-Purposing Site

My buddy Augie sent this site to me a while ago and i'm finally getting around to posting it. It's called How Can I Recycle This, but it's really a guide to finding uses for all sorts of things as opposed to recycling or trashing them.

Have too many After 8 Dinner Mint Boxes lying around? Fear not, apparently they make great filing cabinets for seeds.

And what to do with all those pesky plaster foot molds you have left over from making orthotics (come on you know you have them)? Their solutions ranged from doorstops to lawn ornaments to using them inside other shoes to help keep the form.

Not all the ideas are the best, but it's lighthearted and actually has some good ideas.

Check it out, I know I will.



Anonymous said...

Cool, I'll have to check this out. We've been trying to repurpose some stuff in our house and my proudest moments was when I realized I could use old prescription bottles as spice jars but I never even though about using them seeds!

Dave said...

Drug bottles as spice jars, that rocks! You can zip up your food and self medicate at the same time.

Cool idea.