Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Finally Got the Worm Compost Harvesting Video Up

  1. After pouring the worm tea into the garden I watered pretty thoroughly later on but forgot to mention that I'd be doing that.  Worm tea is pretty nuclear type stuff and at full strength can be potent so you want to water it down.
  2. You may notice other lumpy stuff in the harvesting and while there are some paper scraps that will break down naturally, there were also a fair amount of dried leaves that i had thrown in there.  I thought the worms would break these down but in fact they didn't. No sweat as nature will take care of that.
  3. If anyone is a youtube guru can you drop me a line. I shot this stuff all 1080i and it looks great but as usual, when i upload it to youtube, it looks like it does here.  What gives?  Is there a smarter way to upload it that'll retain some of the quality?



Anonymous said...

Don't know jack about worm composting.

I'll stick with my two bit compost bins that I can neglect and resurrect as time permits. Build them on the ground and the worms let themselves in.

Paper cup - worms.

two cents _ _ jB

Dave said...

I hear ya JB. Compost piles are definitely a bit easier to start and stop, just don't really have the space for one and I don't think the missus would like a pile in the living room.


gloria said...

Enjoyed the video, Dave. I've totally turned my composter up three times. From what you've done, I'm way off. I filled all layers with garbage, cardboard, etc. It's too wet, and I tried to save even those little teeny ones and they are all busy. We're having our Thanksgiving today, and I won't wade into this until they're all gone. Some of my fishermen sons are eyeing the worms already. One of the layers smell like ammonia.