Monday, April 21, 2008

Week 16 Pics

Still hangin' No smell and no rodents!


The new recyclabes bin.

Bags and cardboard and paper oh my! (and worms of course, lest we forget them)

The garbage box which I fear will soon be reaching capacity, although i think if I get my knee down in it hard I can get another few weeks out of it.

And finally, this little guy who seems to have taken up residence next to the water heater. I can't really say he's there for the trash but then again I don't really know.  Either way, it kind of freaks me out a bit as he looks like a black widow, or at least creepy at best.  Worms I'm cool with, spiders, not so much.


Anonymous said...

Spiders are predacious and you want some diversity anyways. I've stomped many a black widow and now I've stopped. Black widows don't like disturbances so keep things swept and you won't get too many.

The arrangement of the bottles needs work. No depth or texture. I feel as I don't care about the character here.

two cents _ _ jB

Dave said...

Good to know. I sort of figured a cleaning would head em out.

As for the bottles, I'll try and work on a more pleasing arrangement. I can see your point (hah).