Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day 139 - Monday 5/19/08

Today's Haul:

  • 1 set of sides from filming - recycle
  • 1 staple from sides - garbage
  • 1 torn plastic carrot bag - reccyle
  • 1 aluminum tuna can - recycle


nicholsphotos said...

Paper clip in the garbage? Aren't those endlessly reusable?

Dave said...

LOL, my bad. I meant staple, not paper clip and changed it to be correct. Keeping track of your trash can get confusing. Thanks for keeping me honest.


JC said...

Dave it was great to talk before I headed over the Pacific. Here in Aceh Indonesia there is no recycling and no garbage pick up. Trash is tossed into empty lots and/or burned. There is an honesty to it all with the plastic adding up in plain view.

Yesterday I went to the Saturday morning market to buy as much unpackaged fruit and veggies as I could and it was all packed into plastic bags, which I will attempt to reuse. But, this evening I had a drinking coconut at a place by the shore. There was a plastic straw in it. I remember having a real straw in a drink years ago in Germany. Could they make a comeback? I was the last customer for the day, watching the light fade from the western horizon, the lights of fishing boats out to the north. The owner of the little shop took the day's refuse in a plastic bag and dropped it off the rock face into the sea.

Collectively, we've got a long way to go. Thanks for what you are doing. Education is the way.

Dave said...

Wow, quite amazing John. I wonder if after youa re there longer you can ask him if he sees anything wrong with throwing it into the sea. Now i realize that i say that as an American who most likely has less to worry about on a day to day basis than the man you speak of. It would be interesting to hear his thoughts though.

Thanks for everythiong you're doing. I'm just garbage hoarding, you're out there doing something!

If you can, please touch base to let us know what other findings you come across as you work in that part fo the world.