Sunday, June 1, 2008

It's JUNE!!!!!!!!!

Wow, time truly does fly doesn't it?  How is it possible that i have been continuing on with this insanity for 5 full months?  Definitely doesn't seem like it, but then again when I look back, a lot has happened as well.  I dare say that i didn't truly think I'd be at it for this long (I figured my wife or my better judgement would have gotten to me long before this), but what do you know, here it is June and I'm still hoarding.  Who knew?

So I was reading this great article on the Puente Hills landfill the other day that was written up in Mays GQ magazine (the must have style magazine for all us hoarders).  It's a really good article and I highly recommend it.  On the last page I came across this quote that really hit home and was a way that i had never considered looking at the whole waste problem we've created, or more accurately, succinctly stated what I felt but hadn't been able to do as well.

The article is talking about LA's ambitious Zero Waste Plan which is truly visionary in nature. 

"The goal is to stop thinking of waste as a problem and to start thinking of it, simply, as the result of a design flaw in manufacturing".

It's really a great way to look at the whole issue because it brings in to play our acceptance of this as a necessary evil within our society when in reality, if packaging design and manufacturing requirements were changed, it wouldn't be, or at least wouldn't be as big a problem as it is.

Think about it, the problem is not ours to fix, it's theirs, and they won't do so until we start to demand it.


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