Wednesday, June 11, 2008

United Mileage Plus Credit Card Opt Out

Years ago i flew United and get about 5-6 credit card offers a year. It's really quite frustrating. I've tried stopping these but to no avail, but now i have hopefully gotten somewhere.

I called the number for the response line (866.652.3284) and waited without pushing any buttons until an operator came on. I actually got a pretty nice woman who was very helpful and I explained that I wasn't going to get their card so they were losing money and causing harm to the environment at the same time. She told me that I needed to give her the Invitation Number listed in blue at the bottom of the invoice and then read my addy off to me to make sure I was the right recipient. She then put me on the do not send list and gave me her name to check back in a few months if I was still having trouble.

Very cool. We'll see if it works.



Melissa said...

on a slightly unrelated subject, why do companies who set you up for automatic bill payments still send you an envelope to mail the payment back in???? one of my pet peeves.

Dave said...

Hey Melissa,
Something I've had on my list to look into. Feel like calling one of them and asking them what can be done? I'd love to hear what you find.


might I add...? said...

Thanks for doing this, Dave! Trying to tame the paper coming in the house (and back out to the recycling dumpsters at the dump) is one of my ongoing projects.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you. United/Chase send my (now) 6 and 4-year-old children one of these solicitations every month or two. I've now called three times, each time two months apart, to get them stopped. Yes, they've been polite, but completely ineffective. I think this is a Chase problem, so I've now taken it up with them, but I have my doubts. A pox on both their houses.

Dave said...

Do they have self adressed postange paid envelopes? Stuff the envelopes with other junk mail and send em back. IF every person out there did this, they'd stop pretty quick. FYI my kids used to get those to and since using Greendimes, nothing.

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Anonymous said...

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