Monday, July 28, 2008


For those of you reading along at home, you may notice that i just backposted the last 7 days. It's not because I was lazy (I am) or that I forgot (I didn't) but rather because we were out of town for the week and due to time availability and the desire to not let the world know that I was gone from home for seven days, I just caught up now.  Having said that, I came home with a tidy bag of refuse and am glad to say that unlike the last time I took such a trip, no one stopped me and snickered at the airport (or at least to my knowledge).

We were in Seattle for a wedding and I must say it is quite the beautiful city.  I was extremely happy to see 4 bangar recycle/trash bins EVERYWHERE (paper, plastic, aluminum, and garbage) and to see that people actively seemed to be separating their waste.  Saturday night they held a parade downtown and afterwards, the recycle bins were overflowing while many of the garbage bins I saw were not.  It was very cool.

As usual, traveling as a trash hoarder with wife and two kids in tow is an odd experience, but even more oddly, a liberating one.  Since I am not preparing food, for the most part, all refuse that i can account for pretty much comes down to packaging of one sort or another and relatively little else, save for tickets, transfers and receipts (which will show up sometime next month when i finally get to them).  Since i didn't have access to a compost bin I had to keep a pretty strict eye on what i ate as well.  I had a few tupperwares with me in case, but nobody wants to have to explain a week old banana peel to the TSA guys, trust me, I know from whereof I speak.  I must admit that i did have a peach and threw the pits in the woods, but otherwise did fairly well.  I also have a lovely little pile of edamame shells sitting next to that i can hear the worms screaming for, so I'll do some more catching up tomorrow.


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