Thursday, July 10, 2008

Great (Non) Gift Giving Idea

I have been a HUGE fan of Peter Gabriel for quite some time and he has always impressed me with his world views and campaigns towards social consciousness. A friend sent me this from his website today and I thought it was worth sharing.

We're happy to report that Peter and Meabh are proud parents of a second son.

Luc was born on Saturday 5th July, a bouncing 7lbs 2 oz. Big brother Isaac reports that mother, father and baby brother are all doing well, and requests that any congratulatory flowers people may contemplate sending be left to grow in the ground for all to enjoy.

What a great way to welcome a child into the world by asking people not to consume and leave nature as it is. Very cool. As a friend of mine who read this joked "I'm going to go out right now and not send gifts to a lot of people".

Granted, my guess is that PG doesn't need much but for those of us who don't, what a great idea.

When my wife and I got married a few years back, we actually asked guests to donate to a few selected charities in lieu of gifts, or one of their own if they preferred. Those that truly wanted to give something special did, but most donated in our honor and raised a lot of money for some good causes. It was easier on them (not too much back and forth about a gift) and we enjoyed knowing that our occasion helped others.

Way to go PG.


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I love this idea. Thanks for sharing.