Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Makers Are Simply The Coolest Thing Going!

For those of you who aren't familiar with Make Magazine or the Maker Movement you're missing out on something cool. The Maker movement is all about re-purposing, but to the extreme.  According to the Maker Bill of Rights if you can't hack something, that is crack it open and turn it into something better, than you don't truly own it.  I love that.

Now this may seem like an odd topic for me to post on, after all, we're not all mad tinkerers, or many of us, like myself (just ask my wife) are, but are not all that successful at it.  But in reality, these guys are doing exactly what I'm all for.  Check out this piece on NPR about a guy named Mr. Jalopy and you'll see that he's all about taking otherwise useless items, broken bikes, and old broken phonograph system, and turning it into something useful.  In the process, he not only diverts things from the waste stream, but also creates a valued commodity, and potentially eliminates the need for a similar new product.  How awesome!  He's got a really great riff on our throw away culture too.  Check it out.


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