Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Week 25 Pics - Half A Years Worth of Trash

There you have it, half a years worth of garbage and recycling.  Certainly not the average joes, but this average joes.  Let's hope the second half fits as well as the first

125 bottles and jars.
20.5 lbs of misc. recycling.
2.5 lbs of plastic bags and 9 lbs of e-waste/hazardous waste.

29 lbs of actually landfill bound garbage.

10.5 lbs of cardboard boxes.
And last but not least, the greatest amount of waste created in the house (or any for that matter) 46 lbs of paper - receipts, newspapers, bills and the occasional junk mail that sneaks through.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,

I hear you on Kevin and Bean and while you are clearly insane, you have made me reconsider what I send to the landfill. I used to have a full 96 gallon trash bin and a half full 96 gallon recycle bin. Thanks to you, that is now reversed. It's not trash in the basement, but it's something.

Dave said...

Hey Andy,
Congrats, that rocks. I'm assuming that "insane" was used as a term of endearment.

Keep it up!

Conserve More, Consume Less!!!


Anonymous said...

I will try this, first i will talk with my wife!

You can get money with this!!!

Julie P. (babyofmine) said...

andy's comment made me laugh. :)

Are you keeping items that are shredded, like bills and such?

Also, do you rinse the items that are marked recyclable? I see a LOT of empty bottles there, and my recycling bin gets smelly if I don't rinse things.

Anonymous said...

Amazing amount the paper - there was a brilliant story in our paper today about a woman who takes an average person's years worth of paper and shows it to people:

Keep up the inspiring work
Mrs G

Dave said...

Hey Julie,
Welcome to the site! I shred paper and feed it all to the worms over time. As for the bottles, yep, I do rinse them so no smell. I usuaally re-use boiling water or something like that and then feed the plants with the water. I think they may be getting to like the booze.