Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day 222 - Sunday 8/10/08

Today's Haul:

  • 1 parking pass - worms
  • 1 broken lightbulb - e waste/haz waste


foutfolk said...

Keep it up Dave! I have been motivated by this blog and have been evaluating my waste production. Recently, over the last few months, I have been boycotting the plastic bags at the stores. I decided to not accept the bag at the store and am living the consequences of not taking my own to use. :) (everyone is always trying to encourage me to put it in a bag) It is such a reminder for me! I'm a slow learner. I am excited to continue to be wise about my family's waste.

Arun Ramachandran said...

Dave, Great job!! Keep it up. I just watched your video on plastic bags and look forward to watching your progress.


Dave said...

Hah, the no bag shuffle...I know it well. Good on ya and thanks for the cudos.

Consume Less, Conserve More!!!!


whatsreal said...

Thank you *so* much! I bought some green bags, but know that they are still plastic so i love your suggestions!

Would you be willing to share how you eat? I find most of my unrecyclable waste comes from dinner prep (meat trays, boxes etc)

Are you a vegetarian or do you sustainably source your meat/fish?
Thank you!!

Dave said...

Hey what'sreal,
Thanks for the post, much appreciated.

I'm not a vegetarian as i eat some fish, but I don't eat meat or chicken, etc. Most of my diet is ovo lacto vegetarian though. I eat a lot of rice, beans, tofu, grains etc and a lot of that we buy in bulk whenver we can so they last a long time without packaging. We have, over the years, collected a fair amount of containers and have them lining the kitchen counter.

As for fish, my choices are somewhat limited as I try to buy from the fishmonger to avoid packaging. I buy wild caught whenever I can and try to make sure it is fish that is not considered endangered.

Farm fish is a problem, but I have to admit that at times I do buy it, depending on where it comes from and other factors.

Other than raising your own food, there are no perfect answers so thinking critically about these things and realizing that not everyone is perfect all the time are two things i try to do quite a bit.

Farmers markets and CSA's are key also.

Consume Less, Conserve More!!!!


whatsreal said...

Thank you for your reply - you did give me food for thought :-) It is hard for me to visualize "other ways of being". Having been raised on wonder bread and stouffers family dinners :-), I am proud of my "progress" to eating semi-real food, but my family is a long way from healthful consumption and every bit of information helps.