Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 229 - Sunday 8/17/08

Today's Haul:

  • 1 syrup container HDPE 2 - recycle
  • 1 plastic butter container - recycle
  • 1 metallic butter top - garbage
  • 2 plastic sample cups - recycle
  • 2 theater tickets - recycle
  • 1 paper plate - worms
  • 2 paper napkins - worms
  • 1 paper straw cover - worms
  • 1 plastic straw - recycle


Mckay K said...

You put me to shame (seriously). I am definitely changing my recycle habits.

Dave said...

Right on.

Consume Less, Conserve More!!!!


tryinghard said...

Hi and well done. We live in southern spain where they seem to do really well with the recycling approach. But I have always put 'metallic' butter and yogurt tops in the yellow bin (cartons of the waxy type cans etc) Is this wrong? We have green bins for general rubbish, yellow as above, blue for paper and even clothes and shoes recycling bins. No-one has personal bins provided but the council place all the big bins everywhere and empty daily so everyone can get on with it. We also have bottle bins for different coloured glass (but not pyrex) we do after all drink a lot of vino :0)
PS where should pyrex go then????
Good luck with the project

Dave said...

Hey Trying,
Glad to hear that Spain is so on the ball. I can't really speak to what your local recycler can handle and how to split things up as here in SoCal, everything goes in one blue bin. That said, see if there is a government page for your area and I'm sure there will be guidelines or a contact person so that you can find out what to do.

Keep up the great work.

Consume Less, Conserve More!!!