Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yet Another Plastic Bag Solution - Furoshiki!!!!

How To Carry Groceries With A Square Of Cloth

For more tips, check out this site as well!


Christine Jeavans said...


Anonymous said...

Since I first saw this video, several weeks ago, I've kept a scarf in my purse. It takes almost no space and has been used numerous times. And its pretty!

Dave said...

Wow, real world feedback. So you were able to use it with no problems?


Anonymous said...

No comments yet, though some funny looks from the store clerks! This is only good for me when I'm buying a small quantity, say at the drugstore or a bookstore. It has the advantage of keeping me from carrying a large heavy handbag on a daily basis - which is bad for my back.

Dave said...

Excellent. What size scarf are you carrying around?


Anonymous said...

I use cloth bags when I go grocery shopping. After my groceries are put away the bags go back into my car. I only shop once every two to three weeks so a scarf wouldn't work for me.