Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 268 - Thursday 9/25/08

Today's Haul:

  • 1 plastic pasta bag - recycle
  • 2 preprinted plane tickets - worms
  • 1 muffin wrapper - worms
  • 2 paper sugar packets - worms


Rob said...

I remember subscribing to your blog in January.

Can't believe it's been 9 months.

Is the basement getting full? Haven't seen a pic in a while.

esther said...

hey, can you recycle plastic bags overthere? wish we could...

Alan said...

Hi, Just found your site. As a long-time recycler (since 1970) and proponent of waste reduction, I find your project laudable.

I wonder, tho, why you put "staples" in the the garbage? They are presumably steel, just like beer bottle caps, nails, screws, most jar lids, etc. Why not recycle them with your "tin" cans and other steel items?

For years I have kept a little (repurposed) tin box on my desk for staples, brads (still found altho increasingly obsolete), steel clasps off large manila envelopes and other random bits of steel. When the box fills up (takes a couple of years), I dump it in a tin can in my recycling.

Dave said...

Hey Alan,
I've been told by our recycler that things like staples are just too small and will fall through the sorters, end up on the floor and be swept intom the trash. I'm meeting with them before the years end and will ask again if that is the case. MOre a problem of size than resource.

Consume Less, Conserve More!!!!


Dave said...

Hey Rob,
Backlogged as you can see from these comments. I've been snapping pics but need to upload them as I had a computer problem. Hopefully today I'll get the recent and then fill int he ones I owe.

9 months. Crazy huh!

Consume Less, Conserve More!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey dave can I send you my trash too?