Friday, October 3, 2008

A comment on comments

I felt that I should post a little thought on comments as i just got through rejecting more than a few.  I set up comments to be moderated (they need to be OK'd by me before they are posted to the blog) back in Feb as I was getting spammed with ad garbage that i didn't want.

Generally speaking I put almost everything that comes in up as soon as i can (OK, maybe i could do better on the timing) and rarely reject anything.  Having said that, an article that was written about my talk last week was headlined on a particular site yesterday and I have received a flood of angry emails and posts.  Pretty wild and i truly don't understand why anyone would be so angered by what i am doing, but that's another story.

My main guidelines for posting a comment are that they are not angry or worse, caustic (language and tone) and that they aren't blatantly trying to sell something (although that's a fine line there so I'm sure i've erred on the side of posting rather than not).  If you look at some of the newer comments that have been posted, quite a few disagree with what i am doing.  Sadly, many were rejected due to their language, tone, and/or political overtones which i steer clear from in this arena (although in other parts of my life am madly involved lest you think i don't think politics are important).  

So having said all of that, if you were one of those that had a comment that was rejected, I'd ask you to repost them in a kinder tone, but still making your point.  Your thoughts are welcome and I believe that the more thinkers at a party, the better the party it is.



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