Monday, October 27, 2008

Day 300 - Monday 10/27/08

Today's Haul:

  • 1 plastic bag frozen corn - recycle
  • 1 plastic tofu dog wrapper w/stickers - garbage
  • 3 paper plates - worms
  • 6 plastic sampler cups w/tops - recycle
  • 2 plate liners - worms
  • 2 plastic drinking straws - garbage
  • 2 plastic drinking straw paper covers - worms
  • 2 glass juice bottles w/tops - recycle
  • 2 Clif Bar Wrappers


Anonymous said...

OK - 300 days into your project, and I am only just discovering you and this blog.

I am wondering - without having the time or energy to dig through 300 days of entries for an answer - why you use plastic straws, paper cups, paper plates, etc.

And when you list something as going to the garbage - does it? Or are you holding onto these things?


Dave said...

I'd love to help you out but i fear that in fairness you really need to read all 500 plus posts to fully understand.

I kid, i kid because i love.

The paper plates, straws, etc are generally from the kids and places we ended up unexpectadly that i couldn't plan for. While the expoeriemnt is for my trash/recycling, I include thiers in there when I am out there alone as i pretty much make their decisions for them. Also, there is the occasional time I forget to ask to not have a straw (for them as well, I sometimes carry a curly one when i remember).
I'm actually glad you noticed because the fact that these things are in there is proof that we all make mistakes (mine being slipping up on what i ask for and don't ask for). Life is imperfect and the best we can do is try our best and than try harder, which is what i'm doing all the time, learning as I go.

OK, more than you asked for. When i write it goes into garbage or recyling that means it goes into the basement in those boxes/containers. I'm behind on pics and will post some tonight so you can see, but yes, it's all down there and no, it doesn't smell.

On another note, coming to this late to the game, how's the setup of the site for you? Did you readily get what was going on and if so, how?