Sunday, October 5, 2008

Monthly Totals

I just got around to tallying the numbers for Oct 1st (I know a bit late as usual) and they seem to have stayed almost the same on many levels. I'm guessing that this is due to my scale and the fact that i have trimmed things down so significantly. On top of that, the stuff that's going down there is pretty light for the most part (again, the scale that only goes by .5 lb increments is partially to blame here). Amazingly, the paper actually dropped by 1.5 lbs which means that i have more going out (the worms) than coming in (junk mail is all but gone with a few pesky holdouts). Pretty cool.

I also spent about an hour cleaning the garbage in the basement (yes I know how psychotic that sounds) and thankfully found nothing more than the expected basement dwellers (small spiders, a few moving little guys I couldn't recognize) but nothing serious. It made me realize how allergic to dust i am, but that's got nothing to do with the trash. I will admit that i opened things/moved things with a tad bit of trepidation as I was totally afraid that I'd pull one box or move a tub and cockroaches would swarm out all over me. Thankfully, no such swarming.

I should add that the entire time I was down there, any noise that i made elicited a "what, what did you find" response from my wife upstairs as she was certain that i would find all sorts of things down there (although she'd never admit it). Once I realized it, I can't lie, i definitely threw a few "oh dear lords" out there just to get her going. Ahh, she's a saint, but ya need to keep your sense of humour about you when you're hoarding and ya need to keep it all clean.

I also closed out the second garbage box (I'll get a new one out of the dumpster up the street tomorrow) and started a third misc bin with a tub a friend gave me.  


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