Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Sustainable Dave Newsletter is HERE

I have been asked several times to start a newsletter and now, after a lot of help from computer savvy friends and some gentle prodding to get things moving from some others, it is finally beginning to take shape. Below you'll find the email signup and the newsletter should start coming shortly (although don't hold me to that).

What will you be getting you ask?

Well, some of that is still being determined and some of it is not being talked about just yet. Suffice it to say though that it will include video, humor, simple tips that every one of us can make a apart of our lives to change things for the better, and the occasional how to video on subjects from Baltic Seal Wrestling to Professional Molting competitions. And much much more.

Want to win some cool stuff? Sign up!

Want to learn some cool ways to decrease your impact on the planet? Sign up!

Want to amaze and impress your friends, find a new job, and appear taller to everyone you meet? Sign up (but we really can't guarantee the last two...but we'll try).

Come January, Sustainabledave.org will be relaunching as a one stop shopping, video heavy, geek friendly, hip place to learn everything and anything about what can be done and this newsletter will be a huge part of the site. And that's only the beginning.

Children will smile, women will swoon, and men will fawn.

And all of this is just the beginning.

Afraid you'll miss out? Then don't. Sign up today!

What are you waiting for?

(Did I mention you should sign up?)


Anonymous said...

Any ideas on when the first newsletter will be sent?
I'm really looking forward to your input.

Your video on ridding oneself of plastic bags was nothing short of inspiring. I too have promised never to take another platic bag home and have started a nice collection of reusable bags.

Totally looking forward to your new and tech savvy site!

-Be Cool. Be real. Be green. *yasiris*

Dave said...

Thanks for the kind words Yasiris. The newsletter is still in the works but I'm hoping to have it up and running within the month. Don't quote me though cuz a lot of stuff is happening. It'll be good when it's ready to go though.