Saturday, November 22, 2008

CNN Sunday at 3 PM PST

For anyone looking for a good laugh, Ill be on CNN live at 3 PM PST on Sunday and then on something called GMTV in England a few days after. I'm doing something live in the studio at 10:50 PM PST Tuesday night so i'm guessing that means that next morning in London.

Still amazes me that everyone is so interested in this.




Anonymous said...

It's the worms. Everyone wants to know about the worms in your basement. ;)

Coonana said...

I saw you on CNN and you did a good job. Why do all the corporate news readers always act so prissy around garbage and other things that they can't buy at the mall? Keep up the good work. My only problem on the green cleaning front is that my wife gets annoyed when she smells the vinegar I use to clean counter tops, etc. She'll get over it.