Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Little Victories

I was working on a TV show yesterday and during rehearsal one of the actors pulled a bottle of water out of the fridge and proceeded to hold it during the scene.  We started to set up the shot and I went over to the director, a like minded enviro-head who is concerned about the future of the planet.  I mentioned to him that since he was in the directors seat, he had the chance to make a difference.  He asked what I was talking about and I pointed out that the actress in question could hold a water bottle and perpetuate the myth that this is a viable way to go in upper class america (the societal section this scene was set in) or he could have her have a glass of water instead.  I pointed out that by having the water bottle he was being part of something and by not having it he was stepping out of the problem.

In the end, he had them holding coffee cups for other reasons entirely, but the comment got him thinking in that direction and my hope is that he'll take water bottles out of all future scenes before they get to the rehearsal stage.

Of course, an absence of a water bottle won't change the world, but it's one less opportunity to make them "normal" and I applaud him for his decision!

Score one for the good guys.



Camila said...

that's great :)

esther said...

hey good for you! yes, more and more I listnen to people, all that happens in films, is like reality for them...if this and that 'star" has done it, then so shall they do it...and thinking about those things before shooting them, make a lot of difference, believe me!

Angela said...

I'm proud.

~Sustainable Peachtree Corners~ said...

good for you Dave! and look at it this way---it's like seeing someone smoking a cigarette on camera. rarely seen anymore b/c it's such a social no-no. and, when it is seen (like on a recent episode of Private Practice- it sticks out like a sore thumb. maybe drinking water out of a plastic bottle will be the same some day! we can only hope (and act, like you did!)