Thursday, December 11, 2008

Amazon's Frustration Free Packaging Initiative

This is a really interesting idea.  Amazon is starting to offer a few products in what they call Frustration Free Packaging.  While their reasoning was to keep customers from getting what they call "wrap rage" the net result is that you get the thingy you bought in a recyclable box with minimal packaging, no clam shell, no plastic bubbles, just a box.  It's an interesting concept because if they get the items in bulk and then repackage them this could change the whole packaging issue quite a bit.  Imagine if every product offered this?  Would most people seriously offer for the intensive frustrating packaging or the simple one?

If anyone takes advantage of this, please email in and let us know what the real deal is.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

I like the Frustration Free label, uncannily like the Zero Waste alternative.

A rose by any other name...