Sunday, December 21, 2008

Week 51 Pics

I think my week count is thrown off somewhere as at the rate I'm going there will be 53 weeks in the year. Such is life. Here's the basement. As you can see, I threw a light up for these last few weeks. Much more inviting don't you think?

I actually haven't really shown this shelf that much. It's not full but i keep a bunch of tetrapaks and other stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else here.

E-waste and haz waste.

The bag o boxes. This is sort of a black hole kind of thing and I'm kind of afraid of it at this point. Every time I put another box in there I fear it will either explode or implode, either way, it won't be good.

Ye Ole bag o bags.

The garbage box that is presently being added to.

The open misc recycling bin (the third one) and my foot.

A bunch of stuff. The paper box is in the lower left hand corner and the three stacked boxes represent all of my garbage for the year.

The bottles.

And finally, the lads hard at work eating my paper and food scraps. Mmmm Mmmmm Good.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that your Tetrapaks don't seem to be classified as 'recyclable'.

Anonymous said...

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anyway its nice to see im not the only one worrying over the planet

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Anonymous said...

i did not know worms eat paper, where do you keep them worms?

Julia said...

Your week count is right. According to the IRS the last week of the year is the last full week of December..

Cool site btw. I saw the article about you on Yahoo!

Anonymous said...

Very great continue, you are an example for everybody in the world...


Thomas, Belgium

Anonymous said...

Damn. You sure do go through a lot of booze.

Dave said...

Hey Kate,
The tetrapaks are recyclable, just on the shelf due to size and space limitations. Thanks for pointing that out.


Dave said...

Click on the label cloud to the right of this post on the word worms and you'll get more info than you wanted.


Blinky St. James said...

This is an interesting idea! I just read about you on Yahoo.

Anonymous said...

I have a question.

I think this is a great idea, but what will you do with all this stuff when you run out of storage space?

I guess I should look through your archives, I'm sure you addressed that.

I'm intrigued nonetheless.

Caroline said...

Hi Dave,
I see a lot of things in these photos that I would think would be recyclable, or at least are in my city - things like milk and juice cartons, plastic jugs and bottles, and cardboard boxes. Are these items not recyclable in your town? Or are you storing them up for later recycling, like what seemed to be implied in response to the tetrapaks question? If you are storing them up for later recycling, why are there so many - does your city not have a weekly pickup? Sorry for so many questions, I just love what you are doing and am trying to understand the method!

Anonymous said...

You are probably overwhelmed with emails since the Yahoo news story but I wanted to say how much I am already enjoying your blog.

We only put our trash container (smallest for our Seattle neighborhood) out every two or three weeks and we put our large (standard issue) recycling container out only once every other month.

I save each and every plastic bag that comes into our house for at least one reuse. My dh calls my stash the depression granny drawer.

I'm up for a greater challenge and look forward to reading more especially about the composting worms.

Anonymous said...

This is why people from the MID-West and Central state think people form CAL. are crazy.

Dave said...

Caroline,I'm saving all the recycling because that takes resources and energy too. Everything down there is recyclable except for the 3 boxes of garbage.