Monday, March 30, 2009

The Electronic Wasteleand

Amazing piece on where our e-waste ends up from 60 minutes.

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Kerry Ann said...

this is absolutely heart breaking. the ending scene with the children is all you really need to take in visually to understand the effects. im lucky to have stumbled accross your website. I'm a 24 year old brand new college student going for nursing and for the previous 6 years I have been doing massage therapy. something in me always geared me towards helping people but I never quite knew what direction I wanted to head in or what goals I wanted to achieve until I started digging out all the posibilited on your website. It has been a HUGE eye opener for me and I just wanted to thank your for helping me see what is important and giving so many resources to help me and hopefully my famiy help our environment and all that inhabit it.

EDL said...

Thank you for posting... Now begins the research on who WILL recycle my computers and other electronics properly.