Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where Can I Recycle.....?

Just type in what you need to recycle and where you are and voila, instant answers. It's just that simple.


Anonymous said...

There's a similar site for the UK at http://www.recyclenow.com/

It's not immediately obvious but on the right hand side there's a box where people can search for their postcode and find out what they can recycle at home and where their nearest recycling points are and what things they accept there, for example http://www.recyclenow.com/applications/recyclenow_08/banklocator/search_results.rm?place=N1+1AB&submit.x=0&submit.y=0 I think it's really cool.

property said...

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Anonymous said...

Another very cool website I have seen pop up recently is www.recyclerfinder.com
Enter your zipcode and the materials you want to recylce and it gives you all the facilities in your area, even has a mobile ap giving you directions there. Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Check out www.recyclerfinder.com helps you locate a nearby facility and has a mobile ap to give directions to your phone