Sunday, September 13, 2009

Container City


Anonymous said...

This sounds like a great idea. Taking the shipping containers that are used so prolifically through out the world for affordable, efficient, and customizable housing. The only thing that I cannot find any research on, is how much energy it takes to heat and cool these structures. As well all know, steel is a great conductor of heat and its opposite. That being said, how could a house made out of these structures be sustainable unless they included sustainable insulation, like cellulose insulation of some kind, and I have not seen any mention to that effect. I like the idea, but without insulation, these houses would surely be fighting the elements all year around with heating and a/c unless they were used in areas with stable, year around temperatures.

Dave said...

Agreed Chris. I saw a video somewhere where this company that was building them was using some sort of "green" insulation inside. It would be interesting to see if the folks in container city pay more for heating and cooling than average apartment dwellers. I'm hoping (and guessing) that this is a situation of the info not being in the video rather than the option to use enviro insulation not being taken into consideration.

Either way, it still seems like a good building block and much less energy intensive since these things are being disposed of anyway.