Sunday, December 13, 2009

Recycling For Charities

Been meaning to post this for a while now. It's an interview I did for a pretty cool company called Recycling For Charities that raises money by recycling used electronics. Check it out.



Anonymous said...

I had not considered that a worm composter could be used for cardboard and paper. I assume this means non-coated paper (i.e., not slick shiny macaroni boxes) Or can it? I will be reconsidering my paper and cardboard waste. They could probably go into an outside compost bin as well.

Dave said...

Yeah the slick stuff and high gloss stuff generally contains ink that the worms don't like so much. Everything else is game though.

Mixed Martial Arts said...

Recycling and charity?

Thats killing two birds with one stone. I like it.

Unknown said...

Hi there Dave, I'm in Australia and I'm older... and I've been saying for years and years we should be doing more recycling and thus more "green" but alas..my family and friends always have thought I'm a bit nuts.. a hoarder and they all groan... But worst of all I am sure they laugh at me behind my back when I talk about solar power and housholders being responsible for their own power and water.I've written to Governments saying that Developers should be made to install the solar power and water tanks as just "normal" bits of the homes ..even "grey" water tanks. All my suggestions have fallen on deaf ears. Many people I talk to all say.."Oh it wouldn't make any difference if I recycle, so many others don't" I try to point out if everyone did their bit it would help.

I'll be watching this site..now I've found it :) keep up the good work!

John at Cell Phone Recycling said...

This is a call for those who just ditch their things particularly their gadgets after buying new ones. You can always donate them to you favorite charities. by donating them, you didn't only help someone, you also help our environment.

Why donate your them instead of just throwing them? Just think of this... Your waste can be someone else treasure.

rose said...

I like it.