Thursday, January 21, 2010

How Bad For The Environment Can Throwing Away a Little Plastic Bottle Be?

The Onion, brilliant as usual.


Dan Boise said...

Great article. Thank you for sharing it!

jennifer Preston said...

hysterical. and a tragic look in the mirror.

mewooten said...

This was very interesting you can really see how things grow exponentaly when one person does not care many times.

Melissa Wooten

mewooten said...

THis was a very interesting article it shows what hapens when one oerson thinks its ok millions of times.
Melissa Wooten

jchavis54 said...


My name is John Chavis and I am a student in Mr. Dillman's AP Environmental science class. This is was truly a very interesting article. This really does illustrate the tragedy of the commons. Its a shame that people dont realize that their "one bottle" adds up if everyone in their world thought that way. What was really interesting to me was that this really boiled down to people's ignorance about how their habits impact the environment. I'm am so glad that I got to participate and attempt your project; it was really informative as to how much trash I produce and to understand the true impact that I have on the environment.

I really wish people were more informed about the environment.

Five Towns Air Conditioning & Vent Cleaning said...

That is sad and there is little we can do with all the packaging coming in plastic.We can opt for bio degradable bags and covers and refuse to accept plastic...the only way I see a change.