Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Renault EV Commercial

These kinds of things will start popping up more and more and the fact that they are, to me at least, is testament to the idea that we are going to start seeing EVs in earnest soon. It's a well made piece, perhaps a bit over reaching (I don't know how comfortable I am with the idea that mass producing anything is going to help the climate) but I think its meant to engage and make us think, which is always a good thing.

My friend Paul, who first posted this, pointed out that leaf in the last 10 seconds or so, a subtle nod to the companies sister, Nissan, which is bringing the Leaf EV to market.




Jess @ Openly Balanced said...

I like their nod to the full life-cycle cost of a vehicle, not just tailpipe emissions. BMW is also (so I hear) doing some good things as far as full lifecycle costs are concerned.

Isabel said...

It's an interesting and very clever advert, but I always wonder with such things how much of it is genuine and how much is propaganda. They actually give very little information away about exactly what they're doing to 'drive the change' and I certainly don't think that whatever it is they are doing is going to miraculously solve all the issues they hint at at the start of the ad. But then, I suppose, at least they're thinking about alternative approaches, which is where everything has to start.

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