Thursday, November 4, 2010


Marie-Louise Kristola said...

Hello Dave,
my namne is Marie-Louise and I am working at The Swedish Radio. I'm hosting a weekly radio show on enviromental questions and sustainability at our science department. We also have a blog.


We are writing about your blog today.Your experience is interesting and we have been doing topics on waste-problems in Europe this week.

All the Best! /Marie-Louise

Unknown said...

Hey Dave,

I wanted to know what as your next step in reducing and/or preventing solid or hazardous waste locally if not state or nationally.

-Megan Ray

PS: Did you know on avg there are 49 million diapers thrown away per day and because of what they are made out of, they'll still be in the landfills 300 yrs from the day they arrived!

Bryan said...

I really like this comic because its so true. The government tries to control and regulate all of our energy to try to give themselves control over everyone. But then the one power they cant control they try to convince us that it doesn't work.

Dave said...

Hey Megan,
I spend a good amount of my time now talking to school kids and businesses on how they can waste less and the overall picture of what's going on in the world, how they are part of it, and how they can step out. I figure if i can get the message to kids, than things will change.

The diaper thing is horrible, truly. Thanks for posting the numbers.

Kaitlyn hannah said...

Hi Dave,
I wanted to know how you get people more interseted in recycling and reusing, especially the older folks who don't seem to into it.

-kaitlyn hannah

Dave said...

Generally speaking I find information works best. I don't think most people want to be part of the problem so when you show them what they are a part of and give them a way out of that problem, most will take it. Knowledge is key.

aimee said...

I'm in an enviromental science class and this comic is so true! I can't believe the lack of funding to alternative resources just because the current ones are so profitable. It's political preassure that will fix the worlds problem and people like you to bring attention to it. Keep up the good work!

If your interested, our class has a blog athttp://dillmanapenvironmental.blogspot.com/

we'd love if you could post something for us!

Anonymous said...

This is a great comic because it shows the reader how every power source is owned by the government or a country. The only source of energy that is not owned by the government is solar energy which is looked down upon by many people.

Unknown said...

Hey Dave,
I really like the comic. It's true. The goverment owns a lot of our energy sources because they want to get money out of it.

I have a question. You kept all of your trash for a year. What inspired you to do this? Where did you get the idea?

Dave said...

Hey Joann,
Thanks for the kind words. The inspiration came from a realization that i was clueless. If you read the first post I put up, it's really about the idea that almost no one out there has any idea where their stuff ends up and what damage it was doing. We're taught to be responsible by not littering and putting things in the trash but in reality, how much more responsible is that if we have no idea what happens next.

So i just decided to stop. Pretty simple really.

hallie! said...

Hi Dave.
I'm Hallie Altman and I am in the AP Earth and Environmental class at White Oak High School. I like this comic a lot because it is true that our government puts little effort/funding into alternate energy sources. It angers me that they don't think it is important, because it is obvious that if we put more effort into alternate sources we would use less nonrenewable resources.

Also, my teacher Mr. Dillman made us not throw away our trash for a week. The amount we collected was insane, and it really opened my eyes to the issue. I don't know how you did this for a year! Respect. It is very cool how passionate you are about making peoplpe aware of this issue.

Hallie Altman

samantha said...

dear dave,
I just read that comment you left for Joann about why you started this whole project. I think its amazing what you have done and even more amazing how you started. Alot of people don't take the time to do what you have done and just learn what exactly is being done to help our enviornment. They just do the bare minimum to help the problem. Thank you for doing such a big part in creating awareness for this.

Dave said...

Hey Samantha,
Very kind of you. Thanks. It's been an amazing adventure and continues to be. The important thing is to keep on learning and asking hard questions, expecially the ones that make us uncomfortable. We'll see where it all goes but in the meantime, onwards!

Cameron said...

I like this comic. Kind of shows that the one thing big business has not been able to overuse and destroy is the sun. lets hope they never figure it out either...

Unknown said...

i definitely like this comic because it's crazy how a body of government is so quick to assume they can just be in control of energy sources and then the environmental problems we face today will simply fade away. yeah right.