Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Day 1 8:20 AM

8:20 AM

It's interesting to me how locked into the waste cycle I am. I started off the day with a runny nose, as I usually do for the first hour of the day, and even though I am intently thinking about what I will need to dispose of, I caught myself right off the bat, grabbing a tissue, blowing my nose, and dropping it in the garbage can. I realized what I was doing just as I was about to let go of the tissue, tore it up, put it in the worm composter, and went back and grabbed a handkerchief. Funny that as with many things, older ideas come back around.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Dave !

I think you are doing a great job , if we would have more people thinking like you, may be our Planet will remain Blue.
If not our future generations will be living in a hell we created.
I hope some people will get to our site and start to take action now, about all these issues, if you pick at least one for you , you are already helping our still Blue Planet.


keep on with the great work, you can be proud of your self.

Alex Johnson