Thursday, January 3, 2008

Day 2

Wow, huge response from the NPR interview. I got sidetracked last night so here's my total for Day 2. I'll throw some feedback to comments in my next post.

Yesterdays accumulation:

  • 1 plastic bag from a loaf of bread (to the recycle pile)
  • 1 plasticy peanut butter wrapper (need to find out what that is but it's going into the garbage pile for now. I threw the peanut butter jar in the wash and it will be re-purposed for nails/paint in my workshop area)
  • 1 aluminum foil take out tin and cardboard/metalic coated cover (this was from restaurants leftovers from Day 1 as the girls didn't finish their food. I hadn't included it because this wasn't waste I created, but since I ate their leftovers for lunch, into the basement it goes - not sure what pile these will go into...must investigate)
  • 1 cardboard cereal box (worm bin eventually)
  • 1 tea bag paper cover and tea bag (worm bin) (I need to look into loose tea)
  • 1 plastic tofu container HDPE#2 (recycle - gotta figure out how to get tofu that's containerless)
  • 1 tissue (worm bin)
  • 1 receipt (worm bin)


Anonymous said...

Loose tea would be a great idea. It's become much more available, and while it still comes in a container, the containers can also be repurposed. Some coffee shops also sell loose tea by the ounce, so I'll bet you could take in your own container for them to fill. Also, loose tea is usually a higher quality tea, since most tea bags are filled with tea "dust," tiny bits of leaves. The larger the tea leaves, the better the resulting cup of tea (smaller bits of leaves brew a more bitter tea).

Unknown said...

Well if you lived in a town that manufacturers tofu, you could go to the mfgr and buy it in bulk. However, it may be an option at a local natural foods store -- and if it's not, maybe you could encourage them to buy larger bulk quantities. Then there's the alternative of making your own tofu...