Wednesday, February 13, 2008

8.5 lbs of paper?

Yeah, that one kind of shocked me too. I've been dealing with my ear so much (which is finally on the mend and thank you for all your kind words) that I put a box near my desk and have been adding to it. I figured I'd itemize down the line, but have realized that I just don't have the time. 8.5 lbs was a pretty hefty shock, but then again, that includes 2.5 weeks of paper including 4 local neighborhood papers and all my non-essential mail. Also, it includes primary time which was a huge amount. Check out the picture above. We vote on propositions here in Ca (a concept i still don't agree with) and these are the 27 pieces of literature, although I think there were more, that i received trying to convince me which way to vote. Easily over a pound there and that's what i got, my wife got just as many. It's truly amazing and had little effect on how I voted as I generally do my own research and vote accordingly. A huge waste of resources, energy, and time. But I guess that can be said for politics on some level as well, so if the shoe fits....



Anonymous said...

I hated all of the political stuff - the last straw for me was when I received a god awful pot holder with some politician's name on it.

My solution was to change my party status to "not declared" - if I remember correctly you can also choose independent (with a lower case "i" - that's really important). Next election, viola - no more mailers just the voter guide from the state!!

I have gone through at least 6 different election cycles since I did it and it has continued to work. I have never had an issue voting because of it.

Dave said...

Weird, I'm undeclared and I still get all that stuff. Bums me out. The thing about the Independent party is funny. I often wonder how many people didn't catch what they were doing until they started getting the literature from the AIP.