Thursday, February 14, 2008

Week 6 Pictures (a bit late posting but accurate)

The basement in all it's glory. I had to use a different camera but i think I got it all. Still no smell and although things are getting cramped, I'm surviving.

A few more bottles this week but with the milk and juice jugs gone, this will not grow nearly as faast as it did the first few weeks.

The bag o boxes and the bag o paper. As you can see I started another paper bag, not because the other was full but because i didn't want to split it.

The misc recycle box. Truly my least favorite. I'm still trying to figure out a better way to keep this stuff but since it's all odd shaped I don't know how to do it better. I fear it's taking more space than it needs and space is at a premium right now.

The worms got a new floor this week as the other was getting full. I probably could have gotten more in there but I figured i had it so why not. In a week or two I'll be harvesting the castings from the bottom bin.

The bag o bags. Not much to say on this one. Plastic Plastic Plastic.

And finally, the "garbage". I'm going to weight this this coming week but taking into account the fact that the average american generates 4.5 lbs of trash a day, I'm pretty sure I'm well under that.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave. Do I see some cardboard in your garbage box? The white and blue thing looks like a box. Can you not put that in the bag of boxes? Where I live, we can still recycle a cardboard box even if it's a bit shiny on the outside.

Oh, and how are your ears? Better now?

Dave said...

Hey Beth,
Ears finally getting better thanks and sorry i haven't been in touch. Trying to dig out from everything I've fallen behind on.

I'll have to look (I'm not home at the moment) but I recall there was a reason that that went into the garbage and not recycling. I need to do some sleuthing when I have some time anyway because it is possible with the whole ear thing that I put a few things in wrong bins. Either way, I'm meeting with one of the honchos over at recycling in a few weeks and I'll be bringing a ton of stuff to ask them specifically about.