Friday, February 29, 2008

Speak and Be Heard

There's a great post i just read on the Be The Change Blog about an experience she had with a grocery store. She brings here own bags and when she got home, noticed that they ahd plastic bagged a small item that she wasn't aware of. So she wrote a nice note to the store manager (nice is the key here) and they ended up talking to her and then telling their employees to make sure to ask folks with re-usables before they bagged anything. Shows the power o making your voice heard, even on a small level.

Similarly, I have taken to writing/calling organizations and asking if they'd remove me from mailing lists (mostly non-profits I support). Here's an email I received back that shows how most folks are willing to help if they can and know what you want.

Thank you so much for calling late last week and requesting that we stop sending paper mail to you and instead contact you only by e-mail. I wish more donors would let us know their preferences!

Please know that it sometimes take awhile for a change like this to take effect, because paper mailings are prepared well in advance and are impossible to recall. However, the change has been made so you should stop receiving paper mailings from us within the next month or two.

Thank you again for your support for our work. Please contact me any time. I would love to thank you personally for your gifts.


Christine M. Dodson
Manager, Annual Giving
Freedom from Hunger
1644 DaVinci Court
P.O. Box 2000
Davis, CA 95618
(530) 758-6200 Ext. 1042
1 (800) 708-2555


Anonymous said...

It's great that they were so responsive to you. I hope the paper mailings actually stop. I've been begging Planned Parenthood, which I give money to, to take me off their paper mailing list and can't seem to make it stop. They promise they will do it, and still I receive at least one mailing from them per week.

here I am! said...

Some stores are very helpful with packing in your own bags and some are not. I think it is just a matter or the management educating the employees.
I know some baggers get very frustrated when they cant just throw all the items in as many plastic bags as they want and actually have to THINK as they do thier jobs. Yes bagger have brains too!

Melissa said...

Any suggestions about how to deal with the local businesses who leave flyers and menus and such on your door knobs? I've been blogging (http://greensimplefrugal.blogspot.com) about my own little steps - taking little steps is the only way I can actually hold myself to an eventually drastic change in consumption habits. These papers end up all over the street when it's windy and nobody seems to actually want them. I know I don't. I'm all for supporting local businesses, but come on. Maybe I'll start calling them all.

Dave said...

Hey Melissa,
This is one I've been working on myself for quite some time and haven't made a lot of headway on. Let me know if you find anything. i was actually thinkng of taking this to a city council member to see if they can do something. It may involve legislation as it's a tough nut to crack.

Great blog.


Anonymous said...

My understanding of the laws where I live (Texas) is that if you have a "no handbills" sign posted clearly on your property, and someone leaves one for you anyway, they've violated the law and can be fined.

Personally, I've never pursued this (I don't get enough of them where I live to make it worth the effort) but I have heard from other people who have put up a "no handbills" sign and they tell me it stopped most (but not all) of the problem.