Thursday, February 28, 2008

Week 8 Pictures

End of week 8 and things are looking great (ok that was weak but I had to go there). Smelling good, looking good, but unfortunately not cleaner. That's first ont he list this week, although I'll be travelling so it may be tough. We'll see.

A couple of new bottles but since we've gone to concentrated juice and glass bottled milk, this isn't getting a ton bigger. YAY.

E-waste is hanging in there. AT&T is coming to fix a phone line tomorrow so I think they'll have some more e-waste for me on some level. Who knows though, maybe I'll luck out.

Garbage is still pretty low. I do have to figure out a way around chips bags though cuz I don't seem to be able to cut them out real well.

Recyclables are still fitting in here nicely.

I figured I'd include the worm bin just for the sake of it. If i have time this week I'll be harvesting the bottom bin and fertilizing the plants.

Bags of paper and boxes.

And that's all she wrote. More soon.


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