Sunday, February 17, 2008

ABC News

ABC 7 came and did a little piece on me the other day. A few weird video glitches, but otherwise a fun piece. I'm convinced that I don't look that weird in real life, but my wife disagrees.



hillary said...

Awesome! I always love it when bloggers come to life.

here I am! said...

I think that is real good you are going to the schools and showing them what garbage really is.
education is our best tool for change!
love those worms!

Dave said...

Thanks for the props. I've actually been doing the school thing for about 2 years. I usually teach a course on renewable energy and sustainability but I've been segueing into trash on occasion now as well.

Anonymous said...

Strange. For some reason, the video's not working for me. Maybe I should try again later.