Saturday, March 15, 2008


Ya know what i love the most about having kids?


Really getting tired of this. It seems like our house has become some sort of germ pinball game where the stuff just mutates and then heads back to the next person. Some friends suggested it was the trash, but it appears that our house is not alone in this. Just seems like a bad season.

Anyhoo, catching up tonight and hopefully tomorrow night I'll be able to respond to some comments, but I'm working so it depends on what time we finish.

On that note, as the film industry slowly gets back to a start, you'll begin to see some other stuff listed that hasn't before. Chief among them are sides (a shrunk down version of the days script pages so that you can easily glance at them) and call sheets (a double sided list of the next days work with scenes, cast, personnel, start times, etc). It's beyond me why in this day and age call sheets can't be emailed. I have a similar problem with sides, but as a camera operator they are necessary at times when you need to follow dialogue. That said, most of the crew do not need them, nor do they use them, yet many are printed up each day. Big waste.


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here I am! said...

funny you should mention the waste from film. I was thinking about this problem the other day. I know film production wastes so much stuff. All the Cd and hard type trash as well as all the stuff that is used once and thrown out.
I think they need a new person on the crews who looks at ways to do things with much less waste.
Production head in charge of waste management or some such thing.