Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Plumbing Woes and How Cheap Stuff Is

So I had a plumber come in the other day as we had more than a few plumbing problems going on and I figured it was worth it timewise. He's a cool guy and gladly saved the trash for me.  The thing that bums me out is that he had to replace flush mechanisms on both toilets, one of which I had replaced in January. The flapper wasn't even a problem in the second toilet, but the chain on it was wearing and it's made in such a way that it's easier/cheaper to replace the whole thing than just the chain. 

I think this highlights one of the big problems with over consumption and waste in our society. It seems like things are not made as well to begin with and as a result, we have all become complacent with the idea that products will not last that long and we will need to replace them. Think about warranties. Most things have a 90 day or 1 year limited warranty. When you consider it, we have become ok with buying a product that the manufacturer states may not work past 3 months.

How insane is that?  And when something does break down, it's not designed to be fixed generally, but to be replaced.

No wonder we're drowning in this stuff.



Anonymous said...

Frank Zappa was singing about that decades ago and in one tune, in a plumbing context.

We're all price driven and in the short term.

Penny wise, pound foolish _ _ jB


Yeah! It's a bit ridiculous...

Dave said...

Indeed Zappa was ahead of his time. Why did I know you were into Zappa JB?


Anonymous said...

I was never really wedded to Zappa.

Just another WPOD _ _ jB