Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Week 12 Pics

Well, believe it or not, I finally got around to cleaning up a bit. Not a huge improvement, but i feel a bit better about things anyway. As you can see the worm bin is back downstairs, mainly due to the fact that it's BEEN ALMOST 100 DEGREES a few days this week!!! It's only March!!!

Not too much new in the e-waste pile. I got an email back from someone at the e-waste facility so I will hopefully be heading their shortly to check it out.

The garbage box in all its glory.

Bagso o bags, cardboard and paper, and the dreaded wallpaper form my first week (whihc seems to have paper in it now that i notice).

I think the recycle odds and ends box is just about reaching capacity so I'll be looking on craigslkist for another. Anyone local want to donate an extra to the cause?

As part of my cleanup efforts, I decided that the bottles would look visually better on the stairs. I don't know how long i can keep this up as they will eventually prohibit safe travel on the steps, but for now, i like the new look of them.

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