Sunday, March 30, 2008

Week 13 Pics

Maintaining, live Raw Food Diva suggested, getting a bit cramped but still maintaining. No bugs, no vermin, no smell, so the important things are as they should be.

I think I'm about to officially close up recycle odds and ends bin number one and say it has accepted it's last goody. I actually got an email from a blog reader who had two plastic bins she was getting rid of and it turns out that not only is she in my area, but we've met before. Small world that and thanks for the help.

I'm really quite fond of how the bottles look now, aren't you?

The new addition to the haz/e-waste pile is the bag of oil/fuel filters. I run biodiesel through that filter in my wifes car so no fear of explosion there.

Air filters are large sizrd items in comparison to most of the other stuff.

Yeah yeah, I know, I need to do some shredding for the worm bin. You can see the misc tissues etc that are there that need to get shredded and put in. Laziness is what's going to get me I fear.


Anonymous said...

The bottles look lovely.


Anonymous said...

That basement is getting awfully full for being only 3 months into the year.

Anonymous said...

Just found your great site. Thinking good thoughts for your father.

Noticed the paper pulp egg carton in the recycle bin, wormable, I believe.

Thanks for the view of your experiment. It's inspiring. Enjoy it.


Dave said...

Glad you're liking the site. I have to revisit why that egg crate is in there but yes it's wormable. I think I held back cuz it's a fair amount of cardboard.