Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wanna float across the Pacific?

You probably remember my friends who sailed across the Pacific to study the North Pacific Gyre, a plastic soup twice the size of the US that is floating between Japan and California. Well, they're up to a new adventure and you can be a part of it. Two of the crew members of that initial voyage, Marcus and Joel, are presently building a craft out of 20,000 plastic bottles that they will then sail to Hawaii from Long Beach California. IF you live in Cali and want to check it out, they'll be outside the Long Beach Aquarium for the next month or so, but if not (or in addition), check out the Algalita site and you can donate money to help them buy materials. In return, they'll take a message you've written, put it in a bottle, sail it out to Hawaii and present it to the governor. Pretty Cool.

Check it out.



Anonymous said...

As icily cynical as this is going to sound, I mean it as only a question to their intentions, which I'm sure are pure.... To wit: what if they have trouble? Will they abandon their ship and add their 20,000 plastic bottles to the gyre? Isn't this kinda the same as driving a Hummer to a conference on wasting fuel?

Dave said...

Cynical? Duane? Oh dear. I fear that i am going to have to contest your analogy as driving the hummer will most certianly waste fuel whereas the point of this whole thing is to NOT abandon ship. That said, I've seen the plans and the beginning so when you see what they are making I think you'll agree the odds are extremely high that they won't have a problem.

Cynical? Really.


Anonymous said...

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Miranda said...

You're blog is great. How many of us would be willing to hold on to all of our trash for a year?? I have enough "stuff" that probably is trash but I keep it around anyways..Can't imagine what I'd do with it all.... Thanks!

Miranda said...

I'm so dumb..That would be "your" not "you're" :P

HNR said...

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