Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day 135 - Thursday 5/15/08

Today's Haul:

  • 2 pizza boxes - recycle
  • 2 plastic tables from pizza boxes - repurpose as play house tables
  • 1 to go carton - garbage
  • 1 drug bottle safety top - recycle
  • 1 piece cotton from drug bottle - repurpose
  • 3 water filter inserts - garbage
  • 2 beer bottles w/tops - recycle


here I am! said...

Do you make a seriuos effort to buy what has least unrecyclable in it or are you just living as a regular family does and then trying to show us how much garbage that would generate?

blackbird said...

I can't look at things like those tables in the pizza boxes without thinking of the Pacific Gyre...do we really NEED those tables in the pizza boxes? I think NOT.

Dave said...

Hey RFD,
Good top hear from you. To answer our question it's a bit of both. I started out doing what i normally do, but then realized that I was already a bit of a non-consumer on many levels. I even thought of making "worse" choices so i could be more "normal" but didn't think that'd be right. Now that i see how little I'm generating, I'm trying to cut it down even more. So bottom line is it started out as what a regular guy generates, but then i realized I'm not regular so it sort of shifted from there.

Why do you ask? Any thoughts on what i'm doing? I actually second guess myself about the honesty in all of this all the time but then i realize i''m being pretty straight up, just happen to live ahead of the curb on reducing I guess.


Dave said...

Amen Blackbird!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if your water system is Brita, but I just learned about takebackthefilter.org. They won't be recycled yet although the group is accepting mailed filters so basically, when Brita decides they will accept them for recycling, this group will send in all the ones they've received.

Dave said...

Yep, great campaign. i posted about it a bit ago at http://365daysoftrash.blogspot.com/2008/05/take-back-filter-campaign.html.