Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Take Back The Filter Campaign

This is a really great campaign that Beth over at Fake Plastic Fish spearheaded. Clorox, who now owns Brita North America, does not accept filters back for recycling and re-use while their European counterparts have been doing this since 1992. It makes no sense and in an environment where people should be heading towards filtered water and away from bottled, we need to keep the pressure on companies to be responsible for the waste involved in the filters. For more info about the campaign check here and makes sure to sign the petition as well!



Anonymous said...

Thanks, Dave! And soon I'll be uploading photos of myself in a BRITA filter costume at SF Bay to Breakers this coming Sunday. I think.

Dave said...

No problem. Sorry it took so long to get on the site!


Studio38 said...

When I was looking at making my own fish filters I read about refilling Brita filters yourself - but I can't find the website now for the life of me. It was pretty easy - it consisted of cutting or drilling a hole in the top of the filter, dumping out the activated charcoal and then just refilling it. You just need to find a rubber or plastic plug the same size as the hole. I'm going to try this because right now I drink tap water out of reused #2 plastic bottles - because I refuse to buy bottled water!