Thursday, May 1, 2008

Greendimes Will Pay You $1 To Stop Your Junk Mail

Greendimes has announced that they will pay the next 5 million people who sign up $1 each to stop their junk mail for a year.

Now how can you beat that?

What are you waiting for?


5/4/08 Update

After hearing some feedback, I wanted to post an update.  While Greendimes is giving everyone who signs up $1 right now, it is for the manual removal sign up, ie, they walk you through what to do but you do it yourself. If you want them to do it for you, there is the usual $20 fee and they'll plant 5 trees as well.  I believe the manual sign up doesn't plant trees but you can have them do so for a dollar or two more. While one friend did question this as a bait and switch tactic, i pointed out that they are willing to walk you through getting rid of your mail and pay you $1 for it at the same time so it's actually quite on the level. I just think that most folks, when they see what is involved with maintaining it yourself, will agree that $20 is worth the time and effort they will save you. Bottom line- it really chaps my hide that we need to spend a ton of time, or any money to get rid of junk mail to begin with, but it's a consumer based society, so it is what it is. At least they've set up one stop shopping to help.


Sanjiv said...

GreenDimes back again,

Thanks for keeping your fans up to date about us. Your 365 experiment is very cool.

might I add...? said...

Hey Dave,

I checked out the GreenDimes thing. (I think I did the last time you posted about them, too.)

It sounds like a great idea, but a huge problem for me is this catalog screener thing of theirs, which sounds great, until you read the fine print, which says you have to provide a credit card number for verification purposes (although they say your card won't be charged).

Personally, I'm getting really tired of all these systems being broken into and people's credit card info/social security numbers/other sensitive info being stolen. And even though it's for a good cause, it feels like a scam to me whenever a company asks for a credit card number when I'm not buying something.

Anonymous said...

What was I waiting for? Instead of a dollar, though, they'll also plant a tree. I started with the basic service, which is free, and 5 minutes into the "do-it-yourself" process, opted to pay the 20 dollars and let someone else do it for me. It's a beautiful day outside today.

Dave said...

Hey Might I,
I actually didn't realize they needed that and can understand your frustration. I'm going to forward your post to the folks over there and see if they can speak to it. I did this a while back so i amy have forgotten that part. Now having said that, what i do is this. i have a credit card that is for internet use (and stuff like this) only. That way if somehting goes wrong i can cancel it and it doesn't hurt me too much. Either way, i'll let you know what i hear.


Dave said...

Changed the settings so they are archived weekly instead of monthly and each page load will show the last seven days of posts. Should be easier to not miss stuff (was that a double negative?).


Sanjiv said...

greendimes here,

just wanted to let you know that we eliminated the need to enter credit card info. thanks for your concern.

Dave said...

Wow. How Cool. Thanks Sanjiv. When you get a chance can you drop me an email at the contact button?