Thursday, July 3, 2008

Better Hand Towel Dispenser

I pulled this off of the No Trash Challenge website, a really cool site that follows a month long attempt to create no trash whatsoever for a month.  And i thought what i was doing was tough!  Check it out.

How cool would it be if all dispensers of paper towels (and other products) had something like this built into it that immediately made you think about the consequences of your consumption habits.

Very Cool.



Rina said...

Amazing thing you are trying to do here. I admire you, and have linked you from my blog.

Melissa said...

There's another cool project along the same lines - http://thesecomefromtrees.blogspot.com/

Ashley said...

Thanks for the shout out ~ If any of your readers are interested in taking on the challenge and the blog starting in August, I'm going to need to pass it on to someone! I'm the second challenger and the goal is to keep this going!