Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Friend Anya's Mother In Law (a bit off topic)

A tad bit off topic, but i figured it's for a good reason. The woman you see at the right holding the bananas is Lucie, the mother in law of my dear friend Anya (and mother Anya's coolio husband Max). Lucie is holding the bananas for the profile pic of her blog Green Bananas Cancer Blog which as you can guess, details her fight with cancer, pancreatic cancer to be specific (you'll have to see why the bananas for yourself). In spite of the heavy reason for it's existence, it's actually a really good read since Lucie seems to be a pretty cool lady, a good writer, and a fair bit funny to boot.

Anyway, as she writes in her blog, she's always happy for folks to stop in and offer some good thoughts and the occasional bad (or good) joke. Anya emailed me just the other day to say that the surgery that Lucie had to remove her tumor failed and they're all in need of a few good jokes around there, (although as you can see by the most recent post, apparently Lucie's spirits are doing well). So I thought I'd throw this out there and ask anyone with a moment to drop on by her site and shoot her a joke or two and some good thoughts as well.

Thanks, and now, back to the trash.


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